InkStains was originally a writing challenge John Urbancik assigned himself after realizing he wasn’t devoting enough time to his art. It can be adapted and applied to many other forms of art. It originated in part from a 365-day self-portrait photography project and from the 7-in-7 writing challenges he and his 1990s writing group (the IMPs) used to conduct.

The challenge:
Write one complete story every day for a year.

The rules:
One mandatory day off every month.
Write by hand (with a fountain pen).
Stories are complete, with beginning, middle, and end, but do not have to be long.

The results:
353 stories a year in 2013, 2015, and 2017, collected into monthly volumes that are slowly being made available in slim paperbacks and for your Kindle.

The podcast:
The weekly podcast is available through the Project Entertainment Network, and can be found wherever you listen to podcasts, or at the Project Entertainment Network InkStains website.