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Another Review

30 November 2008 JohnU 0

The latest issue of Cemetery Dance reviews Wings of the Butterfly: “{Wings} gulps you down, chews you up and refuses to spit your bones out.”  […]

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The Ticking of Clocks

24 November 2008 JohnU 0

I often sit on the couch in the living room and read.  When I’m reading there, I’ve got no music playing, and the television is […]

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A Piano in the Woods

23 November 2008 JohnU 0

According to this CNN article, police found a piano in the woods where previously no such instrument existed.  Someone had set a bench there to […]

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22 November 2008 JohnU 0

Don’t think he dosn’t know what you’re thinking.  He does. He knows not just what you’re thinking now, but what you’ve thought before, and what […]

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26 October 2008 JohnU 0

I voted today.  (Early voting = happy voters) Have you?

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New Dark Voices

21 October 2008 JohnU 0

New Dark Voices, the Delirium book with three novellas (including Michael Oliveri and Gene O’Neill, as well as my novella, Beneath Midnight, the first Midnight […]

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Searching for a Book

19 October 2008 JohnU 0

I have a fairly large pile of books I haven’t yet read.  Most are gathered together on a shelf, hanging out, laughing, ribbing each other, […]