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InkStains: Day 5

5 January 2013 JohnU 0

InkStains Day 5 is behind me. This is a cerebral horror tale. In all the world, in all of history, there have been but a […]

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InkStains: Day 4

4 January 2013 JohnU 2

An update: I wrote Day 3’s story in an alternate break room at my day job (on another floor in my same building, where most […]

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InkStains: Day 2

2 January 2013 JohnU 0

At the day job today, I thought I’d lock myself in an unused conference room during lunch. Sequestered with a blank page before me, pen […]

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InkStains: Day 1

1 January 2013 JohnU 0

A fortuitous turn of events meant I was not engaged by the day job today, so I ran this morning to gather my Moleskine and […]