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Self 2/52

13 January 2011 JohnU 0

Natural light. Approximately 5pm in Florida. After work. We’ll call this a “before” shot, as it’s only Day 5 of 365 Days of Gym. Sticking […]

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Self 1/52

6 January 2011 JohnU 0

The new self portrait project has begun. 52 Weeks. Yes, I did not shave. Yes, I have a haircut scheduled for tomorrow. Yes, I’m over-tired, […]

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No Parking

30 August 2010 JohnU 0

Consider yourself warned. I’ve started running.  We’ll see how long I continue.  Short bits, as yet.  I never had much stamina for running.  It’s all […]

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Sunrise 8

16 June 2010 JohnU 0

Confession time: I’m trying to exercise more, and in more ways; one of those ways includes walking.  Even counting steps every day.  However, it’s very, […]

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Sunrise 5

11 June 2010 JohnU 0

So, something I’ve decided to let you know, though there’s no requirement. I want to be better. I want to be a better person, and […]