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25 July 2009 JohnU 0

I, and a number of my friends, contributed a photo to this project.

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The Lond Road Ahead

24 January 2009 JohnU 0

Where will these tracks take me?  What will I see?  It’s a metaphor for life (sorry to smack you upside the head with that, but […]

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Welcome to August

1 August 2008 JohnU 0

If it were the first of May, we’d be calling it May Day.  Instead, it’s just 1 August, or August 1, or just another sweltering […]

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Paper Cranes

22 May 2008 JohnU 2

Every once in a while, you should do something you’ve never done. A week or so ago, I folded a paper crane.  My first tiny […]

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17 May 2008 JohnU 3

Today, I gave a speech. I do this quite frequently, actually, being a member of Toastmasters, where I am expected to give an impromptu speech […]