John the Revelator

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Who’s that writing?
John the Revelator

Poetry! Photography! Poetic prose! Prosaic poetry!
The beauty in darkness and the darkness in beauty.



“This extraordinary collection of poetry, fiction, photography by John Urbancik was an inspiration. Traveling through space & time, dreams & hope, love & loss, this book whispered to the ghosts of beauty in me.”
—Linda D. Addison, award-winning author and HWA Lifetime Achievement Award recipient.

“A moving collection of poetry that takes the reader outside the bounds of literary and human expectation and into a vast dreamscape of thrilling mortality. John Urbancik has achieved a work that ranks among my top five poetry collections of all time, including the great classics. To me, his work resembles a mix of styles, with the dreamy cadences of Pablo Neruda, the dark sensuality of Baudelaire, the gut-wrenching awakening of Sylvia Plath, the heart-pounding other-worldliness of Ezra Pound, and the vividly striking imagery of Keats and Coleridge. These combine to produce an empyrean experience that shakes the soul and stills the heart with its ground-breaking transcendence of sublime asceticism and ethereal sagacity. JOHN THE REVELATOR is an entirely new kind of poetry—verses that speak to the soul on every level—and this collection is not one to be missed.”
—Ashley Davis, author of SANCTUM OF THE WATERHORSE, Executive Editor of Evensong Editing