Everything you need to know that can be known.

Once Upon a Time in Midnight This novel is a great introduction to the city, and stands completely alone. Thomas Midnight makes a wrong turn and finds he cannot leave. He also finds a few other things, including people like Mr. Zero and Uncle Knuckles, Archibald “The Duke” Carrington (mayor), and the Wandering Reverend. He quickly discovers the only escape from this city is death.

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The Novellas
Beneath Midnight This novella originally appeared in Delirium Book’s New Dark Voices, along with stories by Michael Oliveri and Gene O’Neill. It’s a great introduction to the city, and stands completely alone. Strange goings-on at the Carnival involve a city legend, a fantastic and magical clock, and the Spider Dragon.

Pocketful of Smoke, Fistful of Glass This novella was originally available for Kindle only. Again, this can stand completely alone. There’s magic in the Palais Royal, and also trained assassins, as the Illusionist finds himself targeted by the Magician. This is only available in the print edition, or alone for your Kindle.

Madmen, Poets & Thieves This novella is original to Tales of the Fantastic and the Phantasmagoric. A poet, maybe a mad poet, maybe a thief, falls in love. But is that ever a good idea in Midnight?

Other Midnight stories appear in this collection. Thus far, not a single story requires any previous knowledge or introduction to the city. They stand alone. Ultimately, however, they lead somewhere…

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