Travelogue: Magic

6 October 2019 JohnU 0

Years ago, Mike Oliveri (writer and longtime friend) posted a picture of a Magic sign, of this Magic sign, with the caption that it felt […]


20 March 2019 JohnU 0

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Christmas Story 2018

26 December 2018 JohnU 0

The ghost of last Christmas stumbled through the alley and into the vestibule of the apartment. She was tired, and favored one leg, and her […]

Christmas Story 2017

26 December 2018 JohnU 0

DEEP WITHIIN THE MOUNTAINS, where the snow is ever white and the forest ever green, where the winds sing through icicle chimes, there‚Äôs a town […]

Happy Birthday To Me

18 September 2016 JohnU 0

My birthday was, in fact, a few days ago, and this is a little flash of fiction I wrote because of it. I first scribbled […]