Jack Harlow walks untouched through the dark. He sees the ghosts, the ghouls, the vampires, whatever hides in the dark, but nothing can touch him. So he believes. So it is at the start of the first novel.

The first book was originally published in 2012 as DarkWalker by EvilEye Books, but the series never continued after that. Until now.

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DarkWalker 1: Hunting Grounds
The original novel — revised, reworked, revamped.
Jack Harlow sees the creatures, the ghosts and the vampires, and they cannot touch him.

That changes when, one night in Orlando, he meets and falls in love with Lisa Sparrow, and protects her from one of those creatures.

The dark surrounds Jack Harlow and closes in on him, and he’s no longer untouchable. Worse, the creatures of the night are compelled to kill him. Aided by his lover and a vampire hunter, Jack Harlow must find out how to reclaim his immunity before he dies.

Shadows, phantoms, vampires, lycanthropes, demons, elementals, golems, dark faeries – and more converge on Orlando to destroy Jack Harlow, the DarkWalker. Can he – can they – survive?

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DarkWalker 2: Inferno
Jack Harlow, DarkWalker, walks untouched through the dark.

But he has lost more than he can bear.

Accompanied by the acolyte Naomi, Jack Harlow returns to the place where he first saw the dark: a Long Island basement which is his own personal crossroad into Hell.

But he discovers there’s more than one hell on the other side.

If he escapes, will he find he’s unleashed hell on earth? Complete with spiders, jaguars, mystic ninja, and an infernal prince?

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DarkWalker 3: The Deep City
Jack Harlow, DarkWalker, walks untouched through the dark.

He doesn’t have a lot of friends. When a former ally and vampire hunter enters the abandoned mine at Silver Blade, Jack Harlow and Naomi are called in to find him.

The mine of Silver Blade has a history. Its depths hide were-bears and indefinable beasts, and an angel of death. Its vast arena is home to the undefeated, and its pits fall even deeper. Everything is a lie. The mine, the entire shallow city of Silver Blade, is a trap.

But there are caves under the shallow city, and beneath those, a deep city. Defeated and divided, Jack Harlow, Naomi, and Nick Hunter must make their own escapes – if they can.

No one will escape unscathed.

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DarkWalker 4: Armageddon
Coming Summer 2018

Jack Harlow, DarkWalker, collects his allies and brings the war to the organization that tried to kill him, but finds himself instead recruited to fight against the armies of Hell that are gathering at the mountain called Armageddon.

He quickly learns he is neither all-powerful nor invulnerable.

DarkWalker 5: Ghost Stories
Coming late 2020