11 June 2016 JohnU 0

I’ve always enjoyed magic. I love magic shows. I’ve taught myself a bit of magic, though I’ve never been very accomplished. I can do this […]

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Once Upon a Time in Midnight

1 July 2012 JohnU 0

My novel, sold out in pre-sale when it originally came out in limited edition hardcover in 2011, is now available on Kindle. Please enjoy.

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What Brian Keene said

17 June 2011 JohnU 0

Pre-ordering for Maelstrom Set 2 (Brian Keene’s A Conspiracy of One and Alone, and John Urbancik’s Once Upon A Time In Midnight) has begun for […]

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Portrait 19/52

13 June 2011 JohnU 0

Twins. Oh, and some birds. In other news, Once Upon a Time in Midnight goes up for pre-order soon. You’ll want to check out Thunderstorm […]