31 July 2009 JohnU 0

In a wood one rainy evening I espied myself meeting myself on an infrequent trail. I had mixed feelings about the occasion.


30 July 2009 JohnU 0

Fun with lights, props, and high contrasts. Some things in this photo work better than other things.  I’m open to opinions, comments, and suggestions. The […]


28 July 2009 JohnU 0

Alphabet – I Invoke the Power of the Unicorn Whatever your fears, whatever your worries, know that somewhere out there, the unicorn nation will answer […]

Glass of Wine

26 July 2009 JohnU 0

It’s just a Sunday night.  Thunderstorms outside.  Wine inside.  Nothing to fear.  No worries.  No concerns.

Another Day

26 July 2009 JohnU 0

I have a problem with this camera.  Focus. It does not allow me to use the timer and the focus at the same time, adding […]


25 July 2009 JohnU 0

I, and a number of my friends, contributed a photo to this project.

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