345 down, 20 to go

30 November 2009 JohnU 0

Things are happening. In case you didn’t know, that is. In the near future, I may say something.  Or someone else may say something. I […]


29 November 2009 JohnU 0

There’s always a troll under the bridge.

I am the Bridge

27 November 2009 JohnU 0

Today I took the camera and went out for a hike.  Can’t bushwalk here; apparently, that’s only back in Australia, where there’s bush for walking.  […]


27 November 2009 JohnU 0

There’s a series of six flower pictures at my FlickR site. Including this one:

Looking to the Stars

23 November 2009 JohnU 0

I must admit something: the stars (and they are, in fact, stars) were captured in the Southern Hemisphere, where stars are much more plentiful.  Some […]

Your Choice

22 November 2009 JohnU 0

I couldn’t decide which to go with today, so I’ll leave it to you to decide.  Choose wisely. Also, if you check out my FlickR […]

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