Talk with Me

29 December 2009 JohnU 0

I’ve got my own little section of Brian Keene’s message board.  Come by, say something.

Christmas Story 2009

23 December 2009 JohnU 0

While I may have writing news in the near future, and I’ve been doing things with my photography now (see the website, or my FlickR […]

365th of 365

20 December 2009 JohnU 0

As this insane project comes to an end, I walk off into the sunset. To find another horizon and another day, and perhaps another project. […]

In a Wood

19 December 2009 JohnU 0

Tomorrow, there will be breakfast. There will be snow, for some people, though there’s nothing of the sort anywhere near here. There will be air […]

Only Two More After This

18 December 2009 JohnU 0

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Mysterious Lights

18 December 2009 JohnU 0

The lights behind me kept going on and off throughout the shoot. No one live back there. The house has been abandoned since sometime in […]

Sunday Morning Fog

13 December 2009 JohnU 0

Do you prefer version 1 (above) or version 2 (below)?  Why? You can see other Sunday Morning Fog shots, including two High Tensions, on my […]

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