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25 June 2010 JohnU 0

No more photos until I return from New York.

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Over the Ocean

22 June 2010 JohnU 0

A great many things are coming in the near future. DarkWalker From EvilEye Books, the first novel of many. Pocketful of Smoke, Fistful of Glass […]

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The Condo

19 June 2010 JohnU 0

When I go to Daytona Beach, this is where I stay.  Thanks, M & B!

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Sunrise 11

18 June 2010 JohnU 0

This concludes the current sunrise series. I’m thinking of re-doing my photo wall.  That would mean removing, or rearranging, pictures of the Opera House, statues […]

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Sunrise 10

17 June 2010 JohnU 0

I wanted to know what would happen if I removed all the color from a sunrise.  If I played a little with the contrast.  I […]

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Sunrise 8

16 June 2010 JohnU 0

Confession time: I’m trying to exercise more, and in more ways; one of those ways includes walking.  Even counting steps every day.  However, it’s very, […]