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No Parking

30 August 2010 JohnU 0

Consider yourself warned. I’ve started running.  We’ll see how long I continue.  Short bits, as yet.  I never had much stamina for running.  It’s all […]

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Fire Escape

29 August 2010 JohnU 0

A disruption (a necessary and welcome disruption, but a disruption nonetheless) caused me to leave DarkWalker II for a moment. Other priorities.  (The first DarkWalker, […]

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Grand Central

27 August 2010 JohnU 0

Who do you think is the star of this picture? The girl, of course.  I think we should name her.  How about Penelope?

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26 August 2010 JohnU 0

This is plainly visible at Union Square, but I haven’t got a clue what it is or what it’s supposed to mean. I’m told that […]

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24 August 2010 JohnU 0

How high will you climb? A famous man once said something.  It was interesting and profound.  I am not that famous man.  Neither are you.  […]

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The Strand

23 August 2010 JohnU 0

18 Miles of Books. I spent too much money here, and got a stack books I never would’ve picked up anywhere else.