31 March 2012 JohnU 0

Progress Report – First Quarter January, I completed the first novella in about two weeks; it came in a series of high-energy spurts, three and […]


27 March 2012 JohnU 0

IIII. My Vantage Point I’ve never worked on two major projects simultaneously before. I have friends who have done this; but they have the luxury […]

Lights 11/52 – K

27 March 2012 JohnU 0

After the big shoot with 20+ models and multiple locations and changes of clothes and makeup and such, I went back to the same boutique […]

Lights 9/52 – Keys

14 March 2012 JohnU 0

You can tell I haven’t had this laptop very long; all the keys are still readable. This is the keyboard on which I bang out […]

Lights 8/52 – Broccoli

12 March 2012 JohnU 0

What’s for dinner? Sauteed with butter, garlic, and lemon juice. Light: on-camera flash. Lens: borrowed 90mm macro. I’ll be playing with that for a bit.