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7 November 2012 JohnU 0

I remember the very moment I was first overwhelmed by a combination of creativity, grandeur, and beauty. I was five years old. I was in […]

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6 November 2011 JohnU 0

If you think everything is controlled by a gigantic clockwork mechanism filled with gears and springs, you’re closer to right than you thought. The gears […]

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I am not resolving…

31 December 2010 JohnU 0

I am not resolving to lose weight this year.  I’m not resolving to quit smoking, learn another language, reach out to old friends, or drive […]

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24-Hour Comic Book Day

30 September 2010 JohnU 0

In less than 24 hours I will embark on this grand tradition, a challenge for which I am ill-prepared. And you can follow me on […]

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Take a Stool

4 September 2010 JohnU 0

Advantages to city life: Every now and then, you absolutely need a moment’s rest. There’s no getting around it. And on rare occasion, the city […]

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1 September 2010 JohnU 0

Tracks. An expert can follow these tracks to the source. A true expert can determine the destination of these tracks based on the slightest, subtlest […]

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The Painter

29 July 2010 JohnU 0

It may be merely a bridge to you. But to the man with the canvas, it is Inspiration. If you were having trouble finding your […]

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22 July 2010 JohnU 0

Sometimes, a thing stands out.  Sometimes, that thing is flowers. Sometimes, that thing is the color of a woman’s fingernails, or the taste of a […]