Ghosts of Christmas Eve

21 December 2021 JohnU 0

Once upon a particularly dreadful Christmas Eve, when the snow fell in clumps so hard and fast they had to close all the airports and […]

New Year’s Message

30 December 2020 JohnU 0

The year 2020 is almost officially behind us. I know a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief. Unfortunately, the truth is the […]

Santa’s Secrets

21 December 2020 JohnU 0

This year’s Christmas story is below. You can also download the audio version and listen to it. Produced by 7 Story Rabbit and featuring a […]

DarkWalker 5: Ghost Stories

2 September 2020 JohnU 0

Available now in paperback on amazon, and soon in other places! Jack Harlow, DarkWalker, Destroyer of Hells. Once, he was able to walk through the […]

Fiction: Measure of Silence

28 January 2020 JohnU 0

MEASURE OF SILENCE The stars fell out of alignment. Across the earth, repercussions rippled throughout the animal kingdom. Jaguars retreated to their temples. Mosquitoes went […]

John the Revelator

7 January 2020 JohnU 0

available now at Amazon and other fine booksellers! Who’s that writing? John the Revelator Poetry! Photography! Poetic prose! Prosaic poetry! The beauty in darkness and […]

Christmas Angels

24 December 2019 JohnU 0

Christmas was her favorite holiday. She started every year watching Miracle on 34th Street – the original – shortly after Santa made his appearance at […]