New Year’s Message

The year 2020 is almost officially behind us. I know a lot of people are breathing a sigh of relief.

Unfortunately, the truth is the calendar is rather arbitrary, and the new year doesn’t actually mean things will change. Considering how rough the year has been for so many people, this isn’t automatically good news. We won’t wake up on 1 January and find all our problems have magically gotten behind us.

However, we use significant dates, like the turning of the year, to motivate us toward the kinds of changes and resolutions designed to make us better versions of the people we already are.

Most of you are already good people. But I love that there’s always ways in which we can improve our health, our situations, our places in the world, ourselves, and our relationships.

I’m not going to make any resolutions. I am going to continue to do the best I can given the circumstances. And yes, circumstances will change as we make our way through 2021.

Change is inevitable.

I have always been cynical, but I’ve also always been optimistic. So here is what I wish for you, and for myself, for the coming year:

I wish for better and happier results to all our efforts, whether they be in regards to finances, relationships, careers, emotional and mental health, physical health, our knowledge and skills, our dreams and aspirations. I wish for more of the small successes that make life easier to navigate, and I wish for some of the big successes to help make it all worthwhile. I wish for happiness, yes, but also contentment, which are not the same thing but can sometimes go hand-in-hand.

I’ll see you on the other side of Midnight.

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