InkStains: Why I Write

23 April 2015 JohnU 0

Theoretically, millions of pairs of eyes may read these words. Or maybe none at all but mine. I write them anyway. I’ve worked multiple low-end […]


31 December 2013 JohnU 0

It’s done. InkStains: 12 months, 1 day off per month, 353 handwritten stories. 1 January 2013 – 31 December 2013 My hand hurts.

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InkStains: Day 276

16 October 2013 JohnU 0

It started with a star. The star burst into existence and burned brightly for a good many years before it grew bored. The star said, […]

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InkStains: Day 255

22 September 2013 JohnU 0

I am meant to be on a quest. I should be lost, off the map, in near-constant danger, surviving by my wits. There should be […]

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InkStains: Day 58

31 August 2013 JohnU 0

A dancer, once. It might’ve been Paris. Certainly, they spoke French and drank wine. It was a great many years ago. The lights were low, […]

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InkStains: Day 232

29 August 2013 JohnU 0

Alone in the woods of Maine, halfway to my cottage, on a small barely occupied peninsula and in sight of the water, I paused for […]

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InkStains: Day 200

28 July 2013 JohnU 0

As of July 27, when I wrote the words, it’s the swallowing of violence that becomes victory, I completed 200 days’ worth of stories this […]

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InkStains: Day 188

14 July 2013 JohnU 0

I have a key. The key unlocks a secret. The secret reveals a truth. I’m not always sure our society is ready for truth. Too […]