The Golden Rail

31 March 2010 JohnU 0

All aboard. This isn’t just any train.  No, it’s the circus train. I suspect clowns. In other news: next week, I’ll be trying a variation […]

One Light

30 March 2010 JohnU 1

This time of day, only one light remains lit, but it brightens most of half a world. In other news: April will be an interesting […]

Another Mermaid

29 March 2010 JohnU 0

We saw more than half a dozen, actually, but it’s hard to take underwater photos with the Fuji so most did not come out. This […]


28 March 2010 JohnU 0

Third day of the journey, the quest, I found my mermaids…


28 March 2010 JohnU 0

On Friday, still seeking mermaids, I stopped at a museum. Here, I found a garden of dwarfs, a monument to circuses, a girl on a […]

Truck Stop

28 March 2010 JohnU 0

The Journey began Thursday. The quest: Mermaids.  But all that could be found that Thursday was trucks and truck stops and, in the end, one […]

Her Shoes

24 March 2010 JohnU 0

I’ll be on the road this weekend, so I shan’t be posting any more photos until Sunday.  However, I will catch everything up that day […]

Lock Door

22 March 2010 JohnU 0

If you do not lock the door, you can’t have any pudding.  How can you have any pudding if you don’t lock the door?

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