One Light

Bet you can't shoot it out with a BB gun.

This time of day, only one light remains lit, but it brightens most of half a world.

In other news:

April will be an interesting month.  I’ll continue with the daily color-oriented photos, though I’m not yet sure what shape that will take.

But I shall also be working on the two novels, DWII and WF.

And, because I obviously I’m a glutton for punishment, I’ll be doing daily short stories (or short shorts, as the case may be), a challenge I’ll be taking up with a friend here in town.  I haven’t yet decided if I should post these daily vignettes, some of which may be long but most of which will not, or save them for something else.

Suggestions?  Ideas?  Thoughts?  Wishes?  What would you have me do with 30 shorts?

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