Eclipse: An InkStains story

Yesterday, in the midst of eclipse hysteria, I wrote this as my InkStains story.

(The photo is from a previous partial eclipse.)

The sun goes out, in this part of the world, in the middle of tomorrow. People everywhere have got their eclipse glasses, especially if they’re in the path of totality. They’re aware the birds may grow quiet and the temperature may drop.

However, they are probably not aware of everything. Across the nation, at or near totality, one thousand nine hundred and seventeen babies will be conceived. Two of those, in fact, will be identical twins, girls with raven hair – and a few other raven-esque attributes. It’ll be almost fifteen years before they cause any havoc, but it will be spectacular. The real issue will be one of their grandchildren, who might inadvertently plunge the world into another kind of darkness.

Throughout the path of totality, as nocturnal animals awaken confused, so too will the ghosts, even apparitions who haven’t been active in years. The disruption to routine will cause it. Their exuberance will, of course, be short-lived.

Some musicians, too, will emerge from their daily sleep, and they might begin playing guitars or drums, and they might sing songs best heard under the cover of darkness. There’s no need to be concerned. You might see some poets wandering about, too; it’s probably a good idea to just lead them back to whosever couches they’ve been crashing on.

Teenagers may emerge, too, and these should be taken seriously. Outside of their normal cycles, they may be restless, but they may also be delirious. Best to hide and lock away any potential weapons. It’s difficult to guess how they might react when and if the sunlight returns.

There are people who fear the werewolves may also awaken. This is silly, and without logic. Darkness in the middle of the day does not, in any way, imitate the light of a full moon. Transformation of a lycanthropic nature will not be triggered because of the solar eclipse.

We may be at risk of other kinds of transformations, so don’t let your guard down. Stock up on silver bullets, Wolfsbane, garlic, a variety of religious iconography, and ceremonial daggers. Although the majority of attempts at black magic will fail because of mispronunciations, misunderstandings, misinterpretations, and a certain lack of faith, it should not be supposed that all such rites will end impotently.

Further, the vanishing of the sun will have an enormous benefit: the current overpopulation of vampires will be roused, and many will be caught unaware by the light of the sun – if it returns. Take advantage of their weakened state and eliminate two or three, if you’re able. Just don’t be too near their nests or coffins. Those thirty seconds of absolute midnight in the middle of day will be unusually onerous.

If for some reason the eclipse doesn’t end as anticipated, I hope you’ve fortified your bomb shelters.

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