Sometimes, research is a matter of hitting books, digging for truths, visiting places and delving into the guts of a thing.  Sometimes it’s a search for the right bits and pieces, themes and moods, ideas and connections.  Sometimes, it’s entirely unrelated to the thing you’re researching.

For instance, Japanese death poems.  After reading about them in Shogun, I decided I needed to know more.  Might come in handy for a particular Asian-themed project I have bubbling in the deepest gestation pits of my mind.

I’m working on a triptych of Midnight stories, however, having nothing to do with Asia, death poems, or Shogun.  Yet, strangely enough, the idea of poeticizing managed to filter through the original project into this one, and has made itself vital.  Well, maybe not vital, but important.  Well, maybe important is something of a stretch, but at the very least interesting and useful and fun.

Not death poems, specifically, not for this project, but poetics anyhow.  I can’t wait for you to read it.

Guess I better get to poeticizing, eh?

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