Writing Update

I’m deep in a mountainous forest these days, surrounded by gypsies and god things and a poor guy who doesn’t know what he wants or where he’s going.  But he’s got a compass, so it can’t all be bad, can it?

Book submissions have been set afloat through the postal service.

Necropolis is readier and readier to go, and when the time is right a proper announcement shall be made.

There are rumblings about a Midnight story.  Seriously.  More news on that soon.

I’ve written a handful of awful poems.  My hope, of course, is that one among them is decent, and that when I gather a bunch of the decent ones from a group of these bunches, that perhaps one will rise among all others good.  I’m working toward excellent, but I honestly don’t devote much time to poetry.  It simply happens when it happens.

There’s a poem in that mountainy foresty novel I mentioned above.

There’s also an assassin, an underworld boss, a cop, a gang, a museum, and a ghost.  Oh, and a mirror.  Mustn’t forget that.  All part of the same book, but different parts, and those aren’t the parts where I found myself working today.

For those keeping track, wings of the butterfly won absolutely zero awards, and the publisher is upset.  He said so on a message board somewhere.  I read it.  It must be true.  The Internet would never lie to me.  {wicked grin}

I think I acquired a new First Reader today.  These are invaluable persons who assist in the early stages of a novel, before it ever gets packaged up and shipped off to a publisher and/or editor.  It’s a rare post, to be honest, and it’s not a role you can actually apply for.  You’ve got to be chosen.  I’ve been a First Reader myself.  It’s not always easy.  And sometimes, it wears down the blue pens.

Yes, I use blue pens when I edit and revise.  Always do.  Red reminds me too much of high school.  Black blends too easily with the ink from the printer.

I’ll be packing up the whole office in a few short weeks, transporting the pieces, and re-assembling them in some new variation.  Wish me luck.

How’s your writing going?

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  1. I’m back – writing is going well. All summer I was plodding along getting 500 and 600 words in a session. Now I’m back to averaging 2000…whoohoo!!

    I like that you use blue pens. I wish more people did. It’s more like journalism class than English class. LOLOL

    Congratulations on the new reader. I’m trolling searching for a new batch, myself. So not easy. :sigh:

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