Welcome to August

If it were the first of May, we’d be calling it May Day.  Instead, it’s just 1 August, or August 1, or just another sweltering summer day.

Also happens to be the anniversary of the day, back in 1981, MTV started broadcasting and changed television and music as we knew it.  ‘Course, at the time, I didn’t know much except “Staying Alive” and the Brady Bunch.  Though it wouldn’t be long before I started watching, on Nickelodeon, “The Tomorrow People” and “The Third Eye”, shows which may in some bear some responsibility for how I turned out.

But probably not.

It’s also Lammas Day, that day between the summer and fall equinoxes (and exactly half a year off of Candelmas), the first wheat harvest day, and happens to be Juliet’s birthday.

In this part of the world, it’s hot, and it rains almost daily, but the rain offers little relief.  Thunderstorms come and go with some frequency.  Other parts of the world may be more temperate, or more unrelenting, but it’s all part of some unending cycle so I won’t even begin to decipher it.  It looks to be a quiet day, and currently wispy clouds linger on a bed of blue.  It’s a driving day, with water at the end of the road, and with a little luck it’ll be an extraordinarily serene weekend.

Because, in the end, everyone needs a drop of serenity.  Where do you find yours?

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