The Day After the Move

In which our hero should find all his various bits and things scattered throughout a myriad of boxes, bags, and piles.  Instead, he finds the computer perfectly fine (thus relating this bits of non-news), and that all the kitchen stuff (limited not just to silverware and plates, but also cooking utensils and food stuffs) still at the old place.

Fortunately, there’s still time.  Returning to the old place, thinking to do a little “shopping”, our hero discovers that a whole slew of books were never packed, and remain in piles on the floor of an otherwise empty bedroom.  Kitchen cabinets still hold things he forgot he ever owned, way back in the darkest corners.  And no clothes were moved but the bit that were actually laundered at the new place.

The move went as followed: Friend 1 and Truck arrived.  Loaded Friend Truck 1 and Personal mini-Truck.  Friends 2 and 3 arrive with mini-Truck.  Loaded that, too.  Friend 4 arrived with Truck and Flatbed, and kids, and wife in another mini-Truck.  Friend 5 arrived with kids, and a kid/Friend 6 old/big enough to move things, as well as Truk and bread Trailer.  Things are moved en masse.  Three handcarts flit about somewhere.  One desk cannot fit through the doors and hall to get to its intended location, so it changes jobs with another desk, which itself is a job because it doesn’t really fit either, but it’s less not-fitting than the other.  The last Truck and Trailer arrive just moments before the rain, so everything gets under cover of the carport before it’s too late.

End result: a lot of exhausted people, we owe a couple of meals, and one kitty suffering from shock.

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