Self Portrait

So, the idea is simple, and admittedly not original: 365 days, starting now, a new self portrait daily.

Multiple reasons.  One is to play with the camera.  Another is to play with Photoshop.  Another is to get more comfortable in front of the lens.  (Don’t ask why.  There’s no real reason.)

(An added bonus, of course, is to follow my physical progress over the course of the next 12 months, as I attempt to improve myself.  (My attempts at self-improvement will not be limited to physical improvement, or learning more about photography and Photoshop–I’m in a place and at a time from which I can work on everything and all of me, so feel free to offer encouragement or congratulations if you see any noticeable improvements as I go.)

I can’t promise to post daily, only to take the photo daily; some days (next weekend, for instance), I simply won’t be home.  But I’ll always have the camera.  Or a camera.

Day 1

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