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Random Bits of Necropolis #4

14 March 2009 JohnU 0

“Okay,” Jill said, squeezing his hand and holding up a dollar coin.  “Here goes nothing.”  She clamped her eyes shut, muttered, took a deep breath, […]

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Random Bits of Necropolis #3

12 March 2009 JohnU 0

“One million souls,” Anna said.  “A whole city.” “A lot of people,” Darren said.  “What are we doing here again?” “Testing a legend.” “Do we […]

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Random Bits from Necropolis

11 March 2009 JohnU 0

“The legend,” she said, “since you weren’t listening last night…” “We finished three bottles of wine last night,” Darren reminded her.  “You weren’t listening any […]

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9 March 2009 JohnU 0

Bad Moon Books today announced the imminent release of my next novella, Necropolis, with the following description: In the great city of the dead, night […]

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Don’t Forget

3 March 2009 JohnU 0

Don’t forget to take part in the poll.  Maybe you can help influence the course of my next novella…

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Sneak Peek at Cover

11 January 2009 JohnU 0

This is something like what the cover will look like when Necropolis is released. It’s one of my cemetery photos (just like the one utilized […]

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Beneath Midnight excerpt

5 January 2009 JohnU 0

Delirium has released a trade paperback version of New Dark Voices, which includes my novella, “Beneath Midnight”, the first story about that strange and wondrous […]

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New Dark Voices

24 December 2008 JohnU 0

For the record, these arrived with today’s mail: This is Mike Oliveri and Gene O’Neill and me doing what we do best: telling stories.  Also […]

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The Forgotten Mailbox

20 December 2008 JohnU 0

Hello everyone! Time once again for another Christmas tale. I hope you enjoy the story. Hope everyone finds themselves in a joyful holiday season, and […]