John Urbancik reads CELIA

27 July 2016 JohnU 0

This was originally recorded for SOUND & VISION (my multimedia collection of so many years past) by Kays Alatrakchi, whose studio also handled music and […]


11 June 2016 JohnU 0

I’ve always enjoyed magic. I love magic shows. I’ve taught myself a bit of magic, though I’ve never been very accomplished. I can do this […]

Stale Reality

6 June 2016 JohnU 0

Next month, my novel Stale Reality will be available for everyone. It’s amazing, sometimes, how quickly these things happens. It seems like only ten years […]

InkStains: Day 276

16 October 2013 JohnU 0

It started with a star. The star burst into existence and burned brightly for a good many years before it grew bored. The star said, […]

InkStains: Day 255

22 September 2013 JohnU 0

I am meant to be on a quest. I should be lost, off the map, in near-constant danger, surviving by my wits. There should be […]

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