Portrait 44/52 – Hsiang


My rule for this project was simple: I can shoot the same person no more than twice for the project, and it had to be two different looks/locations/shoots. In this case, it’s a different look, location, and day, even if she’s a model I’ve shot before.


My 2012 photography project will be Lighting.

I will start with a cheap set of easily set-up, easy to travel lights, and soon thereafter get a speedlight for my Nikon, and I will explore lighting thoroughly and completely over the course of another 52-week project. One photo every week–which is different than this year’s one photo per week, which allowed for multiple shoots over the course of just a few days.

I scribbled something interesting about light during my Day Job today, but didn’t bring it home. Something about light, lines, shadows. I’ll post it in the next few days if I remember to bring it home.

I may work with natural light during this project. I will work with three-point lighting and key lights and hair lights and dramatic lighting options. I will include portraits and still lifes and, possibly, landscapes, cityscapes, anything in which I can explore light.

I am open to suggestions, as always, and also critical comments.

This will start the first week of 2012.

I need to get myself some light first.

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