Portrait 51/52 – Mike


This is Portrait 51.

That means all three photography projects have posted 51 images.

That means, on Friday and Saturday, I’ll be posting the final pictures for each of the three projects: the self portraits, the portraits, and the third project.

It also means Sunday starts the new projects. One photography project: Lights. One writing project: 12-in-12. That’s twelve months and twelve novellas (and/or novels). It’s massive, ambitious, a little reckless, and absolutely within the realm of possibility. I’ll be posting about the project right here, at DarkFluidity, as the year progresses. I know two will be previously started (and possibly completely re-started) Midnight novellas, and one will be the third DarkWalker novel. That only leaves nine other complete unknowns.

I will have a busy 2012.

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