DarkWalker and Promises

If you haven’t already seen, you can find DarkWalker for Kindle. It’s free for a few days. The publisher is excited, I’m excited, and apparently, a lot of other people are excited, too. Enough to propel me to the Top Ten in Horror/Occult on Amazon.

So here’s my promise to you: the rest of the year will also be filled with awesomeness and general excitement. I will keep upping the ante. I will ignore rules of genre and write the best stories I can. I will make sure there’s something new every month for the rest of 2012–either previously published novels and novellas (like House of Shadow and Ash and Once Upon a Time in Midnight) or new stuff (maybe Stale Reality). I will continue writing my novellas (12-in-12, I’ve just finished the fifth of the year), and will be sure that at least two other novels are available on Amazon.

Because I do not want you to be unhappy or uncertain or uncaring.

What I ask in return: if you like something, tell your friends, write reviews, LIKE it (in the FaceBook kind of way), whatever else you can do. This is the 21st Century. I cannot succeed without your help. If I disappoint, let me know. If I fail to live up to my promises, hold me accountable.

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