Tales of the Fantastic and the Phantasmagoric Volume 1

It’s finally here.

Tales of the Fantastic and the Phantasmagoric was released for the Kindle and the Nook this week.

Tales of the Fantastic and the Phantasmagoric

What’s inside?

An introduction. Afterwords for each of four novellas. Four vignettes. A selection from 6 Nights of Midnight.

The novellas (the stars):

Rare and sold-out Necropolis: when several people spend the night in a cemetery, some by choice, it’s not likely to end happily for all. Intertwining stories of loves lost, unrequited, and proved. Featuring appearances by the Master of Winds, the Queen of Spiders, and the goddess of night herself, Nyx.

Rare and sold-out House of Shadow and Ash: the second appearance of Cool-Eyes. Philip’s shadow cuts itself loose and leaves him, but you cannot long live without your shadow. Cool-Eyes comes to the rescue (?) and brings him to a house of secrets, in which every door opens upon different rooms. They journey takes them through the Chamber of Bones, the Chamber of Winds, and the Chamber of Fortunes.

New and never-before-seen Madmen, Poets & Thieves: Do you trust me to tell you a story? What if I’m one or all of these things? It’s a Midnight tale, so it takes place in the shadows, from the point of view of a poet who may be mad and may be delusional. Is there an escape from the City of Night?

New and never-before-seen The Dry Dusted Sands: It starts with a map, leads to a train that stops where it shouldn’t, and takes them to another world where they encounter the Stationmaster and the Stationmaster’s wife, the Riders, and a threat from the stars.

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