InkStains: Day 7, 8 and 9

Three words for the stories from three days:

7: Simone, blade, spells

8: youth, impressed, gifts

9: ceremony, grandfather, chocolate

The Day Job keeps me eleven hours a day four days a week, Monday through Thursday, which means I must rise early in the morning and I’ve got only so much time when I get home every night. Monday this week, I wrote during lunch, and sneaked a few minutes to myself at my desk later to finish the story. Tuesday, I had no choice but to finish during the day, at lunch, as a friend I hadn’t seen since before I left for Australia (over ten years ago) was stopping by for dinner. Today, however, I walked during lunch, and read, and didn’t open my journal until after dinner.

The moral: sometimes, you have to steal moments from yourself. You find the time wherever it’s available, and you make it work. Plan for the times you can’t get your own work done; you still have to get it done. Yes, we can consider this a little lesson for all the artists out there who don’t think they have time. You don’t have to find it so much as you have to make it. And if you can’t squeeze them into the day, it’s okay to steal them from other parts of your day.

Please, steal responsibly.

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