InkStains: Day 16 – 20

This is something of an art project. Not just the individual stories, but the overall effect, the end result, is a piece of art on its own. Of course I’ve seen it that way from the start. And of course, I don’t know how it will end. It’s a long-term project, requiring a great deal of diligence, dedication, and discipline.

Day 16 was the first in the new Moleskine, which is the same as the first Moleskine but gray instead of black. It involves a trip to Paris and doesn’t turn in any direction you might expect from me. It may be the longest story thus far, twelve pages when the average seems to be about six.

Day 17 is a love story, but not in a traditional sense.
During the week, I finished another ink cartridge. The fountain pen uses them up.

Day 18 starts with:

It was a classic romance, by some definition.

Stylistically, it’s a bit unusual, and it was fun to write. Indeed, they’ve all been fun, though I’ll admit some have come in the final hours of the day. 18 might be the shortest of the stories.

I borrowed my own backyard for Day 19, in which otherworldy things lamented the loss of humanity in silence.

At the start of Day 20, as I stared at the blank page, my mind scrolling through images and thoughts and possibilities, I heard a sound from outside. It was not a trumpet, or anything magnificent, but it along those lines. So I started with:

Trumpets sounded in the distance, and the hunt was on.

Yes, I know, gun control has been in the news, and shootings, but this story does not go there.

Indeed, most the stories could be considered fables, or something like them. It’s a little early to think about what happens at the end of the project, but I know now that it will not be 365 Days of Fables when I’m done.

In case you’re wondering what it feels like to stare at the empty page, it’s something like this:


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