2014 Project

InkStains isn’t over yet. Today is 22 Dec 13; I have 10 more stories to write this year.

But what will I do next year?

I can’t do another story a day project. I’d hate to repeat myself. Also, realistically, not all of these stories are good (some I think are excellent). I can’t do anything with a great many of them (unless they’re all to be collected together). In fact, I’m open to suggestions. Should I submit the project to a publisher? Big or small? Release them one month at a time for the Kindle? I don’t know.

What I do know is this: In 2014, I need to focus my attentions and efforts on projects that can’t be mere exercise. So I will write a novel.

Not one novel for 2014. And certainly not one novel per day.

But this is my goal: one novel a quarter. First draft and revisions. Actual dates don’t matter; if I finish the first draft of one in four weeks and don’t go back to revise it until four months later, so be it.

I want novels I can submit and sell.

One will be the third DarkWalker novel. Obviously.

One may be a Midnight novel.

I have good ideas of what the other two may be. I have more than two contenders for those spots. Indeed, the first will involve a Greek myth but take place in the modern world.

2014: The Year of the Novels

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