A Quick Check In

There’s been much going on, and yet not much of anything, which is why I haven’t posted much here.

I’m working on more Midnight stories currently, though the first novel isn’t out yet and I cannot say when it will be out.  I can, however, promise to do everything I can to assure its eventual release into the wild.

I wrote a 100 word short short the other day, as part of a challenge with a writer friend of mine.  It suffers some for its shortness; had it been 110 words, it might have been more effective.  As it is, I’ll have to fiddle with it some more to keep it below that glass ceiling.

I’ve begun watching Lost.  Only partway through the second season right now, so don’t tell me anything.  Nothing.  Nada.  Don’t want to hear it.

I walked into a vacant house yesterday.  (It’s part of my day job.)  Filled with trash and litter, nothing else.  When I reached the last room, a music box started playing.  All by itself.  No one there to touch it, and I hadn’t gotten close enough (and would not have set it off intentionally, anyhow).  Spooky.  I looked around, confirming my aloneness.  Cursed.  Realized I’d walked into the middle of one of my own books, and knew it would not end well.  I backed away from the music box, didn’t touch it for fear of opening some forbidden portal, and eventually finished what I needed to finish and went on my way.  Far as I know, that music box is still playing…

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