Strange Photos Whilst on the Day Job

I see strange things sometimes, some of which I could never show you. Sorry.

Here’s some I can show you:

I’m not usually this close to a beach:


but it definitely looks like the storm wants to eat this picnic bench:


I love that the back of this truck advises Caution:


And I’m not sure I can offer any explanation to this, except to say that you might eventually find it in one of my stories:


In the meantime, I’m still busily working on a trio of Midnight tales, I’m making submissions and proposals and packages, and today I get to visit the Office Depot because I need to make copies of my character sheets. I’ve only got five left, and this triptych includes a few more than five never-before-seen characters (and a few who may have appeared, or at least been mentioned, in other Midnight stories).

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