Random Observations

There’s a political thing going on, in which two people are vying for the top spot in the US government.  They’re running ads, and saying a lot of things, which belittle their opponent.  Which is normal for an election.  There’s a fact checker thing somewhere on CNN’s website where they determine a thing or two are true, a few outright false, but most are labeled misleading.  This is both sides, by the way.

There’s another thing going on, an economic thing, which has directly affected me and my day job, and has caused me to make changes I didn’t want to make.  This has been going on for a while, worsening and worsening in overall econmic terms while some people here or there step up and say, “Oh, it’s not as bad as everyone thinks.”  And now, after waiting and watching and waiting, someone’s decided it’s finally time to do something.  Remember, the current economic crisis started with the real estate crash in 06/07.  Now, quite suddenly, urgent action is required, and I know there’s only a week before Congress is meant to break for elections and such, but this absolutely has to be done now, now, now.  It’s urgent.  Because apparently, it wasn’t all that urgent a month ago, or a year ago.

Seems to me that Congresspeople get more vacations than Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert.  Perhaps I have the wrong day job.  My current day job doesn’t have a single paid holiday; forget about vacation time.

My night job, too, has no paid leave, but that’s the writing.

Some Olympic observations:

Phelps can swim.

Bolt: There is no better name for what he does.

Who knew I could watch so much beach volleyball without actually being on a beach?

The opening ceremonies were simply phenomenal.

More observations as warranted.

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