The Anarchist In Me

Upon hearing the news that the House did not pass the bail-out, and the DOW subsequently dropped some 700 points, my initial reaction was entirely unjustified and remains unsupportable.  But a little part of me, speaking up from way in the back of my mind, glanced at the CNN headlines and said, “Cool.”

A more rational part of me thinks the bail-out plan is flawed and deals with symptoms of the problem rather than the problem itself.

Another rational part of me wonders this: if so many people are losing money right now, where is it going?  Money doesn’t just disappear.  If it can, then it wasn’t real to begin with.  But for every dime one person loses, someone somewhere gains that dime.  It ends up in somebody’s pocket.  Perhaps overseas.  Perhaps some executive sitting pretty above all the other, lesser executives.  Maybe some guy named Bob who’s jet skiing around Key West right now with nary a care in the world, planning on sipping colorful drinks with umbrellas by the beach in the morning.

I say we find Bob, and make him buy us all a drink.  Apparently, he can afford it.  I know I can’t.  {wicked grin}

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