Last Drink Bird Head

Last Drink Bird Head

Image stolen (with some permission) from Jeff VanderMeer’s blog.

I’ve got a piece in here, along with authors like Tanith Lee, Peter Straub, Caitlain R. Kiernan, Gene Wolfe, Stephen R. Donaldson, and dozens of others.  There’s a lot more detail on Jeff’s blog, including who benefits(ProLiteracy), and how to order it.

There are bits and pieces on Jeff’s blog, and here’s a bit or piece from my contribution:

A meandering highway leads to the place called Last Drink. Long and narrow, the highway is harrowing at those times it looks down deep
cliffs at water crashing on rocks. And Last Drink teeters at the very end of the world. A favorite haunt of unknown celebrities, fallen heroes,
and missing children who have grown to middle and old ages, it also happens to be the home of Last Drink Bird Head.

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