Portrait in Stone

Underneath, the heiroglyphs spoke of curses and walking dead men and seas of scarabs. And you--you brought the key to release them all.

Random updates:

Working on final line edits of DarkWalker.

Also working on the second DarkWalker book’s first draft.

Reached level 50 on that vampire game on the iPhone. Is that enough?

“I have a little black books with my poems in it.” (Actually, Pink Floyd had such a book first, but that’s besides the point.)

I didn’t get to play racquetball last night. But tonight will be different.

I’m working a lot of OT at the day job these days. That’s rather unusual. And I’ll be doing it through September.

I have over $250 in birthday money toward my camera. If you feel moved to contribute $4 (or more), hit that Donate button on the website.

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