The New Site

So, the basics are up and running, though the details are yet to be established.  There are a few spots where post-construction clean-up hasn’t yet happened, a few extras that are still awaiting arrival from the factories, and though the paint seems to be mostly okay, there’s quite a bit of art yet to be hung on the walls.

Thoughts?  Things you want to see, while there’s still time to make them see-able?  Things you wish I hadn’t done?  Complaints?  Wishes?  Dreams?  Questions?  Answers?  Suggestions?  Advice?  Recommendations?  Proclamations?  Threats?  Please, send ’em along, either as a Comment or use the fancy Contact thing over on the left side of the screen.

I should get a more updated picture, eh?  I’m not in Sydney anymore, I’ve shaved, and I don’t think that shirt’s still in my closet.

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