InkStains: Day 11 and 12

Day 11 was about a boy and a subway and maps and subway stations at which the subway should not be stopping, and also about writing and drawing and creativity in general. There’s a boy, Bobby, and a girl, Jenny, and it’s a nice idea though I’m not convinced it’s spectacularly handled. Perhaps, some day, I’ll go back and flesh it out, insert the bits that are missing, give it some depth and solidity, and lend it some power.

Day 12 starts with this line:

There’s something in the attic.

It borrows from a real life thing, that being an unexplored attic in a friend’s new house, and a second real life thing, that being a dream I’d had about a secret, hidden room in my godmother’s New York City apartment. I suppose, when you’re living in an apartment in New York, you need hidden rooms to make up for the space you don’t have naturally.

I used up an ink cartridge. And I’m close to the end of the first Moleskine. The black book has a fraternal twin, a gray book, that I’ll use next, but two weeks isn’t a very long life expectancy. I have thicker Moleskines, one lined, the other unlined with my name etched into it (a gift from my publisher at EvilEye), but I haven’t decided whether to get others the same size as the black and gray or to move to something thicker. I have, perhaps, two weeks to decide.

I have found that I’m not doing a whole lot of planning for these stories. It doesn’t have to be that way, but that’s the way it’s developed thus far. I’m not two weeks into a year-long project, though, so I’m sure we’ll see some things change.

I have had an idea to write a review of the new generation Chevy Camaro, mainly because I don’t think it’s as sleek or beautiful as its ancestors and I’m hoping driving it will give me a new appreciation of the machine. But I don’t know if I should pretend I’m buying one and take it for a test drive or go to a dealer and tell them my true intention and see if they’ll be kind.

Either way, I’ve been watching too much Top Gear.


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