InkStains: Day 13

Writing early today. It’s a day off from the day job, and I have a photo shoot for the afternoon. Further, as a writer, I can scribble my words morning, noon, and night, if I so choose.

The city is a stark vertical landscape filled with rough textures, sharp contrasts, grit and shadow, the ever present sense of mystery, magic, romance, and passion. And in the rain, the city is in perfect make-up: nails dropping from an amorphous steely cloud, accentuating the city’s height.

Atop one of the anonymous tall buildings, the warriors face each other, heedless of the elements, weapons ready — sticks for one, long thin rods expertly balanced and just flexible enough; a katana for the other, a heralded blade three centuries old, sharp enough to slice in half the rain dropping down.

I don’t know where you think this is going, but that’s not where it went. I was playing with atmosphere today, ambiance, glorious visuals. Today’s piece would make an epic animated short. Any animators interested? Give me a ring.

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