Random Bits of Necropolis #6

At first, he thought it was a trick of the shadows.  A reflection of something beyond his field of vision.  He wouldn’t go so far as to call it a delusion.  After a moment, he decided it was definitely real.  “Anna,” he said.  “Look.”

She did.  He heard her gasp.

In the middle of the field, where before there had been only a wide expanse of grass separating two of the oldest sections of the cemetery, a series of tents had popped up.  If there had been a fair before Anna and Darren reached the rest house, he was sure they would’ve seen it.

But that’s what it looked like.  A miniature fairgrounds.  Instead of typical fair crowds, there were one or two dozen ravens perched in pairs on top of the tents.

A sweet smell, like candied apples, reached them, and a single raven’s caw, and a sudden breeze.

“Shangri La?” Anna said, standing.

Darren was shaking his head.  “How did we not see that?  It’s not a carnival, is it?  No.”  He was certain of that now.  “A camp?”

Anna moved to the window and leaned out over the bricks.  Definitively, in a tone that left no room for argument, she said, “Fairies.”

Though he couldn’t argue, Darren knew, without question or reservation, she was wrong.

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