Random Bits of Necropolis #7

“You’ve contradicted yourself,” the man said.  “Wishing for one thing, wishing for another.  There was a king once, in some medieval land, a boy king who ascended at far too early an age.  He built his kingdom upon wishes.  Whims.  Fancy.  He erected palaces unsurpassed in the history of imagination.  He amassed treasures and wonders from every corner of the earth.  There are more than four, you know.  From every corner, he gathered jewels and sculptures and musical instruments some say were enchanted.  An entire kingdom, built upon the wishes of a boy king.”

The man paused.  Jill wanted nothing more than to get out, back into the open air, away from this stranger who was obviously mad, but her curiosity bested her.  “What happened?”

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