Self 2/52

Self 2 of 52

Natural light. Approximately 5pm in Florida. After work.

We’ll call this a “before” shot, as it’s only Day 5 of 365 Days of Gym. Sticking with the program: Day 3 was my first (unplanned) day off, but I get two of those a week. An hour cardio on Day 5 (20 minutes on the bike, 40 on the elliptical). Day 4 was a repeat of Day 2, with some slightly higher weights.

My “gym” right now is borrowed. I have a key. I shouldn’t have that key, but tough. Until the new gym opens down the road, sometime in February, I’m limited in my options.

Hopefully tomorrow will not be a “gym” day, per se, but a racquetball day.

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