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Olympic Fever

11 August 2008 JohnU 0

I know there are other things going on the world.  I pay attention, sometimes, to those things.  There are other things going on in my […]

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Welcome to August

1 August 2008 JohnU 0

If it were the first of May, we’d be calling it May Day.  Instead, it’s just 1 August, or August 1, or just another sweltering […]

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M’s Art and Cafe Press

31 July 2008 JohnU 0

My partner, M, has a cafe press store, where she sells things like: It’s fantasy / new-age stuff, things like postcards and t-shirts and mugs.  […]

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A Voice in the Dark

27 July 2008 JohnU 0

Nearly midnight last night, as I sat in the living room under a single light reading one of Douglas Clegg’s fantasy novels (I’m in the […]

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Writing Update

21 July 2008 JohnU 1

I’m deep in a mountainous forest these days, surrounded by gypsies and god things and a poor guy who doesn’t know what he wants or […]

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Storm Front Approaching

20 July 2008 JohnU 0

Dusk. Pensacola, Florida. As the storm neared, lightning raged in the distance and thunder resounded in our ears.Which of these pictures is best? I have […]

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The Magic Marble

15 July 2008 JohnU 0

a little post-apocalyptic fairy tale for everyone: THE MAGIC MARBLE “Give me a dollar.” Jake looked up from his marbles.  Except for the girl standing […]

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The Forgotten Author

12 July 2008 JohnU 4

Have you forgotten me, or have I forgotten you? Has it been weeks since I’ve said anything? Have I been quiet on all the message […]

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26 June 2008 JohnU 0

Sometimes, research is a matter of hitting books, digging for truths, visiting places and delving into the guts of a thing.  Sometimes it’s a search […]

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Bound for Sydney

20 June 2008 JohnU 0

In a dream last night, I apparently returned to Australia.  I was there for a reason, something work-related, which of course couldn’t have anything to […]